Grupo Chapelco provides services that combine highly qualified human resources with electronic surveillance, monitoring and early warning systems. The expertise that our companies have in managing information, people, systems installation and the use of state of the art electronic and smart devices allows the group to achieve the integrated service that our customers need.

  • Protection of Goods in Transit

    Grupo Chapelco is responsible for the safe transport of goods along what is probably the longest corridor in the world. From the electronics manufacturers in Tierra del Fuego on the southernmost tip of Latin America all the way up to Belo Horizonte in Brazil: a distance of almost 5600 kilometers. Grupo Chapelco provides highly skilled and equipped armed custody and vehicles to safeguard billions of US$ worth of goods each year along these and many other routes in the Southern Cone. We have our own secure protected and manned overnight sites strategically placed along the routes, with many important multinational companies entrusting us with safeguarding their valuable transports.

  • Manned Guarding

    We specialize in the manned physical protection and entry controls of production and logistics facilities in several countries in South America with an emphasis on the special requirements of the Mining and Petrol industries.

  • Satellite Tracking

    With ChapelSat, Grupo Chapelco covers the entire spectrum of needs in high tech satellite tracking of both vehicles and goods in the entire Southern Cone. We offer both passive and active monitoring according to your needs and the level of complexity and risk involved in your logistics operations.

  • Electronic Surveillance

    Supported by our own state of the art Operations Center in Buenos Aires as well as local support stations our daughter company Chapelco Seguridad installs and monitors all types of CCTV and electronic alarm systems both local and over distances that can span several thousand kilometers to ensure any unauthorized trespassing or activity is acknowledged and responded to immediately.

  • Risk Analysis

    Our highly educated and internationally trained analysts continuously gather data and update information to help provide you with unique insights and understanding of the current situation in the different countries in the Southern Cone and the actual risks your enterprise or staff might face. Both on their own or in relation with local governments and business partners. We perform screenings, identify assets, threats and related vulnerabilities and provide effective measures and protections to allow you to concentrate on your business or personal life.

  • IT Security

    We handle both physical security to prevent theft of equipment and information security in our own data center to protect the data on that equipment. Security measures include access control, risk assessment, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and security assessment and authorization. We are also on the forefront of Big Data in Latin America and provide special analysis and data mining software to help companies to reveal connections and predictive patterns within their data for uses as diverse as fraud identification, risk analysis or even CRM purposes.

  • Personal Protection

    We provide 24 hour private security details for visiting dignitaries, businessmen and VIP´s as well as local high net worth individuals and their families in Argentina and the surrounding countries. All our close personal protection staff has been highly trained and has years of operational experience. Grupo Chapelco has its own fleet of armored vehicles to ensure the highest level of protection and readiness for any event.

  • Training

    Each year we provide security awareness, personal protection, chauffeur and crisis management training to personnel. Courses can be given at our own 1200 acre private facility in Argentina or on location, depending on the client’s needs and wishes.

  • Hardware Solutions

    We represent several international manufacturers of state of the art security hardware from Europe, the US and Israel in South America providing our customers with access to the latest technology to protect their goods, installations, employees and families. We also produce security hardware in house, specifically aimed at the logistics sector with innovative solutions for protecting both transported goods and the trucks in which they are transported.

Honestidad Intelectual
Intellectual honesty
  • We undertake to achieve the level of security
    that the customer needs, both individually and collectively.

  • Changes in any permanent situation lead us to be in a process of continuous improvement. We are always looking for new technologies and processes with the clear intention to anticipate on any future developments.

  • The solution to any possible problem is carried out with the participation of all our teams as we believe that this principle is the foundation to reach the optimum solution. We seek to generate a collective intelligence as a differentiating factor.

  • This collective behavior is what allows us to gain and maintain the trust placed in us regarding your safety. This principle guides our every action.







Chapelco Security´s management and staff are made up of former members of elite Special Forces, Police and Intelligence Units from different countries both within and outside of South America with operational experience in the Americas, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia and with contacts at the highest levels. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, only acting within the scope and within the letter of all applicable laws and with a strict regard for the environment. Daily operations are led by our Director, Luis Soage

Grupo Chapelco

Head Office: Paunero 50, Muniz, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Telephone: +54 11 4664 2208

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